The Film Festival

This year’s film festival focusses on the topic “future”. Our visitors and film-producers can expect a diverse programme: Films of all genres, footage and formats reaching from independent and Arthouse-films to Block Busters. The programme extends beyond the science-fiction genre and includes documentaries and various other productions that are concerned with the future.

The future theme reaches all our areas of life. Among that atrificial intelligence, our immediate environment, the economy, society, ecology, nature and animals.

Regardless if 2D, 3D, VR or even IMEX productions, all formats can be proposed and submitted via our submission form.

Alongside the diverse programmes offered in the cinema, VR-stations will also be available to interact with in the Filmpalast. Besides the various visual, immersive media of 2D, 3D and VR, the festival offers a special event which discusses new perspectives and new intersections/interfaces of future films as well as immersive media. In addition, the connecting factors between classical films and immersive media is also explored.

This particular exchange, taking place at the Filmpalast is designed to strengthen new impulses, regarding the possibility for creative collaboration.

Prizes and Awards

Best Film Award

Every year the BEYOND festival presents different film genres and media. The award recognises films that address the past, present and the modern way of life, whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the future as a bearer of hope.

Best Art Award

Light and sound art, photography, painting, installations, VR and 3D - art has many facets and offers numerous possibilities to stage and depict them. The award recognises the most innovative artistic representation.

Best Leading Thought Award

A thought, a theory, a concept - this is necessary to initiate a change and redesign the future. The winner is the person who presents a promising approach to shaping the future in a positive way.