The Hackathon

Visitor, exhibitor, producer or even consumer? Do you also don’t know how you would like to get in touch with the BEYOND festival? Our solution: Just be it all! How is that possible you ask, just take part in our Hackathon. On two days you get the possibility to work on a product together with our experts Sönke Kirchhoff and Diego Gonzales which will be presented at the following festival.

This year’s festival includes a Hackathon which gives our visitors the opportunity to become directly involved in the festival.

The term “Hackathon” (also known as “Hackfest”, “Hack Day” or “Codefest”) derives from the words “Hack” and “Marathon” and refers to a design-event for software and hardware in which the participants from various industries collaborate to develop a product before the end of the festival. The product should not be market ready, however of interesting, relevant and entertaining nature. The product design will occur in teams of diversified expertise that can complement one another to create an innovative product. This year’s topic is “future technologies” which are linked to “Future Design”.

The event aspires to awaken the producer and designer within everyone. We provide the necessary soft- and hardware as well as specialists in order for the participants to have the best opportunity to create an interdisciplinary product, which will be presented on the last day of the event. The Hackathon allows for an active participation in the event and for the possibility to socialise.

The Hackathon will commence two days before the festival, meaning 1st and 2nd of October, to allow the participants to engage with the offers of the festival.