Artificial and ARTistic Intelligence, V-aRt and Algo-Algo-Rhythm, Postcapitalism and the SynEnerGenEthik Code

The Art Exhibition

From VR to AI to paintings or video installations – in our art exhibition, artists meet at eye level. They bring along innovative and new interpretations of their respective area. Witness how disruptive technologies affect a wide variety of industries.

Our art exhibition desires to inspire artists of all directions to discover and reinvent new or existing forms of art. To accomplish this, we invite artists of all kind to introduce their art and put them into scene. Especially the students of the HfG not only receive the possibility to present their collaborative art, however also learn how disruptive technologies can be utilised productively.

We aim at providing enough creative space to enable fruitful development of individual or cooperative work, with the goal to present the added value of artists. VR-stations and video installations in this aspect, are meant to be used as an enhancement medium to provide an exhibition space for any form of art that concerns itself with future technologies.

The objective is to convey the proper handling and to create skills regarding future technologies upon which the coming projects can built on.