Symposium Future Design

"The best way to predict the future is to shape it ourselves"

Within recent years our festival has increasingly gained international significance through our symposium “Future Design”.
This is a worldwide unique and radical approach that aims at critically reflecting upon our current state of knowledge and possible future scenarios. We desire to awaken the “Future Designer” within everyone.

To shape the future for us means to collaborate, create dialogue and to provide a platform where new narratives, that reach beyond our power of imagination, can be formulated. We can achieve this by involving artists, thinkers, scientists, engineers, economists, hackers, “Millenials” and “Digital Narratives” from around the globe.

Heed to us, when we present to you in our symposium FUTURE DESIGN the unique and radical triad of science, art and technology. This year we dedicate ourselves to virtual reality, artistic and artificial intelligence and post-capitalism to open doors that appear unimaginable to open at this moment.

Prizes and Awards

Best Leading Thought Award

A thought, a theory, a concept - this is necessary to initiate a change and redesign the future. The winner is the person who presents a promising approach to shaping the future in a positive way.

Best Film Award

Every year the BEYOND festival presents different film genres and media. The award recognises films that address the past, present and the modern way of life, whilst simultaneously drawing attention to the future as a bearer of hope.

Best Art Award

Light and sound art, photography, painting, installations, VR and 3D - art has many facets and offers numerous possibilities to stage and depict them. The award recognises the most innovative artistic representation.