Wang Zhigang PH.D

Wang Zhigang PH.D

Famous New Media Artist,
Specialized in Digital New Media Art, his projects aim to explore the balance of science, technology, art and humanity, revealing rationality and sensibility.
He uses new media art to extend public space, enhance visual display, improve interactive experience and enrich the possibilities of stage performance.

Associate Professor & Deputy Director, Department of Information Arts and Design
Director, Institute for New Media and Performing Arts

July. 2007- Present, Academy of Art and Design Tsinghua University, Department of Information Arts and Design, Lecturer, Associate Professor

Digital Animation Creation
New Media Art and Design

Sept. 1999-July. 2002 Tsinghua University Department of Precision Instrument and Mechanology Master Degree
Sept. 2004- July. 2007 Tsinghua University Academy of Arts Doctoral Degree