Holger Förterer

Since the beginning of his artistic practice, the media artist Holger Förterer (* 1972) has been developing interactive works whose images and sounds are mainly generated by algorithms and simulations. With very few exceptions, he creates and programs these artworks himself. The personal, sensual experience of the observers is his most important point of reference.

He created several stage projections, amongst others the interactive sceneries of the Cirque du Soleil show “KÀ” in 2004. Until 2010, he worked on interactive projections for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He currently dedicates his time to the development of his own installations and mixed reality environments again, which are exhibited worldwide.

Besides the search for a connection of reality and illusionary space, he is increasingly occupied with the possibly of expanding ones perception – and its ultimate limitations. Apart from a personal level, the current works of the artist increasingly embrace the reality of our social and technological living conditions.