Declan Dowling

Declan is a senior Video Producer working in the international games industry.
He started out working with animation before progressing to the role of VFX supervisor for major studios such as Universal and Netflix.
He then moved into design and video production for a major free to play RPG publisher before moving again into the television, advertising and design.
This lead him to a role of Immersive Design Lead at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt where he worked with Google VR and Apple on their respective AR/VR initiatives.

It was the sum of all this prior experience that lead him to be able to produce Faoladh, a stereoscopic virtual reality film that follows the perilous journey of a 9th century Irish child who's village is attacked by Viking raiders. In the film you take on role of a wolf like guardian spirit and protector of the children from the woods of ancient Ireland.